Is It a Pet Emergency?

When a pet suddenly behaves differently or seems under the weather, it is hard not to panic and assume that it is a pet emergency. Thinking back, there may have been a time or two when you panicked over a one-time vomiting incident, and it turned out to be a hairball. But, then again, vomiting [...]

Helping Your Pet Live a Longer Life

Most of us understand that, unless your pet is a parrot or tortoise, the lifespan of our pets is significantly less than our own. Cats and dogs typically live between 10-18 years, depending on the breed. And, in some ways, quality of life certainly trumps a longer life. While quality of life can certainly trump [...]

Expecting Unexpected Traumatic Events: the Pet First Aid Kit

No one expects an accident. If they did, it would likely be called an “expected traumatic event,” instead. Unfortunately, accidents and unplanned illnesses strike humans and pets alike. Planning ahead is the only way to be prepared when unexpected traumatic events happen. While no one likes thinking about an emergency or disaster, the difference between [...]

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